Adjudications By Jann Davis

Looking for an adjudication of current routines BEFORE your next competition? Jann created the EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ achievement, assessment, and adjudication rubrics based on her multiple experiences in dance and education. The critiques use the rubric for adjudication, a system no one has which focuses on the four domains of dance in all dance subject genre forms, turns, jumps, body alignment-flexibility training, and stage presentation. Book Jann to adjudicate your routines by the woman who created the original adjudicated score system for studio dance competitions today!


Dance Studio Union

A national dance educator mentorship and networking program that promotes positivity and camaraderie. Membership is open to all dance educators, studio, scholastic and after school specialists. Membership is included in all seminars.

Our Mission

To assist in a member’s growth personally and professionally, improve dance classroom curricula and promote positivity and camaraderie in a dance education culture.



EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Teacher Training Seminars

The EXPECTATIONS For Dance Education™ is an achievement, adjudication, and assessment tool for the global dance classroom. Our EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ teacher training seminars focus on the recreational-community dance student offering an elementary school program Petite Pirouette Dance™ and skill-leveled achievement events SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™. The Dance Studio By Design Teacher Training Seminars offer attendees a new certification as instructors and adjudicators for EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ upon completion of a seminar.

Host A Seminar

Petite Pirouette Seminars™ Teacher Training Seminars

EXPECTATIONS For Dance™ Teacher Training Seminars use a “hands on” procedure to promote a creative atmosphere, peer collaboration, and congeniality amongst attendees for the studio dance industry. Attendees interact with the presenter and each other throughout the day in small groups and at an end of the day review choreography session presentation created by attendees. Attendees may actively participate or observe classes.



SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™


SKILLS Sport-Dance Games™ are a unique type of dance achievement event for “dance teams only” studio where judges are certified by test to adjudicate, There are three sections of play, a rubric based score system, developed by a studio dance competition owner and dance educator for the dance studio industry. It is the UN-Competition for private dance education where the focus is on learning not winning. 


SKILLS is an alternative to studio dance competitions that allows studios to retain and recruit students year-round.


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